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Premium Walnuts

Premium Walnuts


Just a handful the day and notice positive changes in your health and wellness also like what you see in the mirror

This super brain food contains many powerful antioxidants and minerals and offers many health benefits like improving brain health maintaining heart health and fighting diseases

We recommend: 3-4 whole walnuts daily

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Elevate your snacking experience with the best walnuts pack, known for their vibrant green color and superior taste. You can now find Lifetree’s Premium Walnuts and other dry fruits on Amazon.

How they benefit you:

*Less hair fall:

These brainy looking nuts contain ‘selenium’, an essential mineral for body to carry out basic functions. Experts say lack of selenium leads to hair fall and other minerals like  biotin not only helps with hair fall but also helps hair grow faster and thicker

*Stronger nails:

Thin and brittle nails can be easily help these Premium Walnuts. Biotin found in walnuts also increases production of keratin that maintains your hair and nails.

*Youthful skin:

Walnuts help your body fight free radicals. These molecules are in your food and in your environment. They cling on to the collagen in your body produces which causes breakouts and wrinkles. The bulk of antioxidants in walnuts neutralize these free radicals and help skin maintain its glowing complexion and elasticity

*Fight cold and flu:

The psyllium that makes your hair strong also strengthen your immune system thus helping you fight cold and flu

*Better concentration:

According to studies, eating walnuts everyday improves cognitive performance. Also improves how much and how well you process information but most importantly helps boost concentration.  Daily dose of walnuts has also been found to help brain cells from deteriorating with age.

*Improve mood:

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids people who don’t get enough Omega 3. These people are more likely to feel sad and maybe even depressed as Omega 3 help body produce serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for controlling anxiety boosting happiness and mood improvement

*Weight loss:

Surprisingly how calorie dense walnuts are study show only 21% of the calories in walnuts. These are absorbed by the body while still making you feel full.

*Filled with vitamins and minerals:

Overall a great source of essential nutrients that the body needs. Having 65% healthy fats 15% protein and low in carbs which are mostly fiber and a great for digestive health.

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